How to Touch a Dragonfly is an immersive installation that brings visitors into the world of dragonflies amidst the climate and biodiversity crises. Experience an ultra-low-resolution environment of sound and moving images, inspired by the unique structure of dragonflies‘ eyes, composed of thousands of hexagonal lenses.

This 4-meter dome, designed for sustainability, features modular pixels and video mapping to illuminate individual hexagons crafted from Korean traditional paper, hanji. Grounded in research conducted in dragonfly habitats in the Republic of Korea, How to Touch a Dragonfly offers an emotive exploration into the lives of dragonflies in a post-anthropocene era.

Artist: Kat Austen
Designer: Robin Andersson (RTA Studio)
Digital Artist: Daniel Hengst
Creative Technologist: Justus von Harten
Production Director: Frank Lohmöller
Communications: Pavia Choi
Production Manager: Olive Okjoh Han
Production Assistance: Hyeonhwa Lee
Additional Filming: Sangwon Lee
Hanji Funding: Jeonju Millenium Hanji Museum (전주천년한지관)
Supported by: ZER01NE Creator’s Programme (Hyundai Motor Group)
Special thanks: UN FAO KR, Cheongsan-do Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Site, R. Glowinski, Ail Hwang, Haryun Kim