Kat was invited to be one of the 30 artists contributing to this momentous celebration of 30 years of the marvellous Neural Magazine and 20 years of the great Crónica music label.

Natural rhythms are key to Kat’s compositions, which are often led by emerging rhythms from soundscapes in which she immerses herself during field recording research.

Challenged with producing a track of only 9s in length for the 30+20 album, published on flexidisc along with Neural issue 74, Kat leverages the synergy between music and mathematics, focussing on evolving rhythm. For Golden Acceleration, Kat created a track that increases its rhythm according to the golden ratio. Using field recorded samples edited for aesthetics and effect, the piece evolves through 9 until the gap between the tones is no longer perceptible. 

The release was first launched at V2 in November.

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