We’re delighted to launch the Seoul Rhythms project this week at the V&A Museum Friday Late: Making Waves on 25th November.

V&A South Kensington
25th November 2022
Friday Late: Making Waves
18:30 – 22:00
Visit Seoul Rhythms | Summer (2022) in The Globe, Europe 1600–1815 Galleries, Room 4 (Making Waves Programme pdf)

Video Artwork credits:
Director: Daye Yang, Enseo Mo, Oh Se Ae
Photography & artwork: Oh Se Ae
Hair: Daye Yang
Makeup: Min Kim, Jiwon Lee
Styling: Eunseo Mo
Model: Yanghee Han

Times and tempos within cityscapes coexist. These conversations – not just between humans but also with the creatures and natural processes in a place – are unique and in constant dynamic variation.

The 2-channel sound installation Seoul Rhythms | Summer (2022), premiering within the context of the Hallyu (Korean Wave) Late in The Globe at the V&A, brings together tempos of the capital city of the Republic of Korea at the height of summer, interweaving sounds of cicadas, mopeds, birds and busses in a rhythmic exploration of the metropolis’s character.

Seoul Rhythms | Summer (2022), released to coincide with the V&A Late, is the first movement from the ongoing Seoul Rhythms project, which situates the exploration of the tempos of daily life in the rhythm of the passing seasons.

Download Seoul Rhythms | Summer (2022) on Bandcamp