Wonderful news that INTER/her has made the long list for the Lumen Prize!

INTER/her is a fully immersive audio/visual journey, conceived and led by Camille Baker. It was wonderful to compose the soundscapes for this virtual environment and the stories shared by women about their experiences. And fantastic to collaborate with Camille, Maf’j Alvarez, Bushra Burge and Sarah Büttner.

The project portrays painful aspects of womanhood – most especially the experiences of post-reproductive bodies – from the inside out, including the sensory and the emotional.

For each participant, the journey begins as they are seated within in a physical dome tent space, called the Sitting Womb.

The dome has a frontal opening alluding to the vulva. Within, up to three participants will be seated upon dark red/dusty rose bean bag chairs, each wearing a wireless Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset.

Each participant wears a Haptic Corset. This bespoke garment generates sensations on the lower abdomen which relate to, and are triggered by, the stories/voices being experienced with the 360° audiovisual experience.

The photos here show the installation of the project presented at The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space.

Stay up to date with upcoming shows at www.inter-her.art